How To detect tween

im working on a anti-cheat and i wanna ask if theres anyway to check if theres any tweens going on in any object for example i wanna detect when exploiters try to tween humanoidrootpart to somewhere to move there or so, so is there anyway to detect if theres any tween going on inside a part or so?

Remember, before you post you should always do some research. Here is a post nearly identical to what you are asking.

no, not at all. You can’t check trough “peoples clients”, so you could make something which detects when the CFrame is changed, but usually exploiters dont use tween so yeah. It would be difficult and not convinient to detect a tween, instead look for anti exploit posts and youll find an concrete and helpful answer there.

please try to understand what i ask for, the thing you sent has nothing to do with what i asked.

If that’s not what your asking for, then what are you asking for? If I’m right, you want to know if an exploiter is tweening the humanoid root part, right? That honestly doesn’t make sense, why don’t you just detect if it is moving. Chances are that the exploiter is moving the body via something other than tweening anyways.