How to detect voicechat volume

So im making a horror game, but I want a sense of originality. I always found how players could hide in a closet and be screaming down their mic and the ‘monster’ just couldnt hear them. I want the game to detect when the player has spoken at a certain volume or higher but with voicechat being new I have no clue where to start. Does anyone know how to detect if a player is talking through the mic?

There is no way to detect if a user is talking through their microphone nor the volume.
The API for it was removed back on 2021/10/12


Wait it was removed? Why would they do that?

You can’t at the moment, but very soon this will be a feature when they release the Audio API in early 2024. You can actually instance it in now, it’s called an AudioAnalyzer, but obviously nothing works yet (I think).


Thanks, I guess I can work on other stuff for the game until then.

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