How to detect when a day has passed?

I’ve been working on this weekly auctioneer thing, and I want the auction to open every Saturday. The problem is, I don’t really know how I would detect when the day (in real life) has passed.

Is there some kind of event? Some kind of API that I don’t know? Please let me know

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You could probably use I believe.

Yes, but HOW would I detect if it’s changed?

What do you mean by changed? It is automatically updating like other things (os.clock(),os.time()) etc.
try to make script and print

while wait(1) do

And let me know if its changing or not ;).

or try to print the

local datex ="*t")
print(datex) --table with all things such as second,minutes,hours,days,etc.

My god. Why haven’t I thought of this???

Anyways, thanks a lot man. I had a brain fart :joy:

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No problem :smiley:!
I am glad that I helped :wink:.