How to detect when player clicks an Image in a BillboardGui


I’m making a system to edit guns, and I need to detect when the player clicks on the BillboardGui (the white diamond shape on the rails, muzzle and stock of the gun)

I’ve tried looking at different posts, which tell me to put the BillboardGui into PlayerGui. This doesn’t make sense to me, because I want the BillboardGui to be on the part which is in the workspace.

I’ve also tried using ClickDetectors, but this doesn’t allow me to click the BillboardGui through other parts

If this helps at all, this is my current setup for the BillboardGui

The BillboardGui has a property called “Adornee”. Set the adornee to the part you want it to be attatched to, and then place it into StarterGui.

Ok. Is the event in the BillboardGui or in the ImageLabel?

I’m currently switching the ImageLabel to an ImageButton, should I be doing that too?

The property is in BillboardGui. Also yes, use an ImageButton, you can’t click an ImageLabel.

Ok, I’ll give this a try and let you know if it works.

A bit what @Whimzer said. The billboardGui as a whole should be placed within the StarterGui, or the playerGui. Then, you can detect clicks. The adornee, is essentially a fake parent property. Think of it as tricking the GUI into being placed onto something else. Or use your own interpretation.