How to determine if sound is copyright before uploading?

Hi, I’m making a game with a concert stage. I am trying to upload a sound for an introduction to a show, but I’m not for certain that it’s copyright-free. There is no information about the sound anywhere online, or any official release of it (to my knowledge). Uploads of YouTube that also contain the sound have no “music in this video” category of the description either. Is there maybe a tool I can run it through to see if it’s okay to upload to Roblox?

Here’s a link to the sound I’m trying to upload:

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

Hey! I don’t think you’ve used the correct category for this type of help- I think you should try recategorising this.

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My apologies, I saw someone else post the same question in this category, but my question still remained unanswered. I’ll try recategorizing.

You can use websites like to check if your audio is copyrighted or not.


Thanks for directing me to that site! Do you think uploading NCS music is allowed? There are some that are allowed, but require a reference.

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I don’t think all of them are allowed. Some NCS music is banned in some countries by YouTube because they don’t own the copyright on those countries. And because Roblox is played by people of many countries, those might get deleted by the moderator. I saw some people getting banned for using NCS music. But you can use NCS music by giving them credits in the description. But some NCS music are allowed so you can upload them, just find some information about them on Google, Example: “Can I use this [Music Name] on other websites?”.

Do you think it would be possible to credit them in a “credits” section of the game, or does it have to be in the description?

As I know, it is better to give credits in the game description. Or, you can create a Bulletin topic to give credits like Adopt Me. Adopt Me gives credits to the creators of assets in a Bulletin topic and link the topic to their game description. I’m pretty sure many other Roblox games also do this. Giving credits to the rightful owners might save your audio assets from getting content deleted by the moderator.

I’ve tried adding this link to my description, but it just tells me “Inappropriate place name or description”
Could it be because of the name or maybe even the contents?

Try removing the text in the link like this: /t/1844221 (Remove the space I didn’t added a space because it gets embeded)