How to develop a narrative for games?

Hey everyone :wave:

Recently I’ve been interested in drafting a story for an upcomming game of mine that would be played out throughout the game’s story. However, I don’t know how to start, nor do I know how to make the story interesting.

How do I develop interesting characters and conflicts? How do I create themes and lessons through game design? How does my story affect gameplay?

All help is appreciated! :happy3:


Maybe you could try making the dialogue short because i know that long ones are just boring, good luck on your game!


Thats a good take on the UX perspective when presenting it to players. However, I’m moreso looking for how I should develop the story? There wouldnt be any dialouge without the story in the first place!


There are many factors to make a story/character very interesting:

  1. Build the story throughout the game up, don’t blamely start at the climax.
  2. Don’t make dialogues unecassarily long, make it short, it is a bit more realistic.
  3. To make a character interesting, make it so the player will find out the characteristics, not just by saying it with a random text. Also, let the feelings from a character change in conflicts as you mentioned, so the player might have sort of empathy towards the character

This is really helpful! :happy3:

Out of curiosity, what would make a story “bad”? (or alternatively, what are common mistakes that make a story “boring”)


This is actually a great way to acknowledge how a story shouldn’t turn out

  1. It’s good that you mentioned that you want to do it; conflicts. WIthout conflicts, the story feels like it doesn’t want an interesting turn/change.
  2. A predictable plot. If you have a plot, don’t make it too predictable and/or too obvious what causes the plot
  3. No feelings. You deatach the player from having empathy towards the character
  4. Repetetive Structure.
  5. Slow Pace. A slow pace makes the development not meaningful
  6. Enviroment. Without the right environment, you destroy the feeling of the actual game

You can also play some Story games on Roblox to determine some things:
Do you like the content of certain story game? Why? / Why not?
What was the most interesting part? If there is none, why do you think it wasn’t interesting?
Is the story well developed? Why? / Why not?
Is the environment appealing towards the player? If no, why?


Best thing to do is to make the story questionable in a good sense. It makes the players questioning what happens next, how it happens, why it happens and who does it? Basically: What? Why? Who? How? It keeps the player coming back for lore and makes it interesting. For dialogs keep them small and add more action. Best to make a voice over by hiring voice actor or using your family.


I’ll take all of these into account! The emotions definitely have a role in both tone and mood for players :thinking:


Voice actors are something I would always consider, however, professional voice actors are expensive! While I enjoy volunteers, I’m a bit of a perfectionist (good and bad :sweat_smile:) so I’d prefer to leave it to text as a way of managing my budget.


You just need a good voice, in my opinion. If you don’t have it then its hopeless. Anyways I suppose goodluck?


I feel making a popular story game right now can’t do without cutscenes as they really just show the overall look of the game in a fast paced way and gives the player a general idea of what he’s going to do in a particular area.