How to disable Dynamic Thumbstick?

I want to temporarily disable the Dynamic Thumbstick when getting inside the car and re-enable it when getting outside the car. I have tried many ways of doing this but none seem to work for me.

Things I have tried:

  1. I tried using UserInputService.ModalEnabled but apparently that’s broken, but it also doesn’t serve my purpose since I only want the Thumbstick to be disabled: temporarily.
  2. I tried Cloning the frame, destroying it (disable) and then re-parenting it (enable), but that just completely disabled Thumbstick for some reason…?
  3. I tried setting the visible property to false/true to enable/disable, but it only seems to make the system vanish. It still works invisibly…

Is there any other way I can achieve this?

Try StarterGui:SetCore to disable it. Also, you can disable it (if that doesn’t work) by GuiService:

game:GetService("GuiService").ThumbstickNavigationEnabled = false

It says ThumbstickNavigationEnabled is not valid in GuiService…

And I don’t want to disable everything using :SetCore, just the thumbstick.

Try game:GetService("GuiService").TouchControlsEnabled = false

That disabled everything, including JumpButton. I only want thumbstick to go.

Are you ok with modifying the player control modules? If so you could probably fork and modify the ControlModule and use a different module in place of the DynamicThumbstick one. The player control scripts would be under your player > PlayerScripts > PlayerModule


IIRC there’s some flag preventing the control modules from being required/modified so not sure if there’s any way to modify them without actually forking them.

Solved this problem by shifting the entire frame off screen. Basically set Udim2.fromScale to -1, 0.333.

I tried this, but I couldn’t revert anything.

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