How to disable "Explorer" tab in Building Tools by F3X?

So, I am making an event for my game where players are given Building Tools By F3X to build whatever they want.

When testing the game, I found that there is a tab “Exlporer” in BTools which allows you to see and unlock whatever is in the workspace. Anyone can unlock and delete anything in the game. I have then got to refresh the map which causes others’ builds to get deleted. I want to delete or at least disable the Explorer tab from the Building Tools. Help appreciated.


what i remembered is i edited the script of explorer which didnt delete but messed up the explorer that they cant use it anymore.

but when the script deleted, the whole f3x is broken

just go open the f3x, if you see “explorer” script edit it and mess with the settings ig.

i did that 1 year ago and i think i still have that btool.

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Thanks, I will check if it works!

Oh well. I tried deleting all scripts and GUIs which are related to the Explorer tab. I also deleted the code that loads the explorer in the Core script. Nothing worked, but thanks for your reply!

Specifically which lines of code do you need to mess with in order for it to work right?

I think it was some variable, then I changed it to. Very high and it broke the explorer

Your post was a bit hard to understand, but I figured it out with a weird solution. All I did was delete the last letter of the variable names of this section of the script:

      -- Scrollable item list
        ItemLis = new(ItemList, {
            Scop = props.Scope,
            Item = state.Items,
            ScrollT = state.ScrollTo,
            Cor = props.Core,
            IdMa = self.IdMap,
            RowHeigh = state.RowHeight,
            ToggleExpan = self.ToggleExpand

Yeah I think it did the same thing as the variable thing did, @OP mark this as solution.

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