How to Disable layered clothing overall

My game uses size changing mechanics which bug out with layered clothing.

I found out how to disable layered clothes by toggling this in starterplayer:
though, i found out this doesnt disable layered clothing overall, it just doesnt fit them onto your avatar.

When spawning in it doesnt look like there are any 3D clothes, though, when shrinking, this happens:
so i figured its probably shrunk down into the avatar to not be seen.

So how do I remove it completely from the game?

size changing with :ApplyDescription works very well for me!

Try something like this

local scale_humanoid(humanoid: Humanoid, scalar: number)
	local clone = humanoid:GetAppliedDescription()
	clone.DepthScale = scalar
	clone.HeadScale = scalar
	clone.HeightScale = scalar
	clone.WidthScale = scalar
	clone.HeightScale = scalar

While the docs say ApplyDescription yields it doesn’t seem to unless it is loading new assets.

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Hey! thanks for the help but honestly I’d rather remove layered clothing than fix it, there are some features in the game which layered clothing gets in the way off, thanks tho!