How to disable logging in with email




  1. This tutorial assumes that you have a verified email on your account
  2. This guide prevents people from password guessing into your account if your email has the same password as your roblox account, which should not be the case anyways if you care about security.

Due to data dumps of password and email combos, many people who use the same password as their email have gotten hacked recently due to the new login with email feature. This feature can be easily (permanently) toggled off however.

Step 1: Make a new account
Open a incognito tab and then go to and you will find this box, fill it out with whatever you want

2.Verify your email
click the gear on the top right of the screen and then click the button that says settings

You will then see a box that looks like this

Press Add email, and enter the same email that your main account is verified with into the box that pops up on screen. After this check your email and you should find an email like this

Click the “Verify Email” button, and you’re done.

If someone tries to log in with your email and password and they manage to have the correct password to any account that you have verified under that email, they will get this message instead

Allow us to disable specific log-in methods