How to disable parts destroying themselves when they reach a height

Hello, I was trying to code a rocket that goes into the air for a long time and it was working but when I reached a certain height, the rocket just disapears. I am guessing that it is an automatic roblox setting somewhere so I would love to know if you have the answer!

I tried to search up a solution but nothing worked. I also thought of another solution where it was to teleport the rocket in a loop so the player doesn’t notice but it would be a lot more useful to know how to simply disable the hight barrier.

Thanks! :+1:

Apparently, as I’ve searched, I’ve seen a few posts and they are outside Roblox (Reddit) and here as well, they weren’t able to bypass the 100k Height Limit (which is years ago already)

Though, I found a relative post similar to your issue

lmk if it works for you.

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So I looked through both articles and I tried them but they don’t seem to work, right now I am trying to change the rocket’s position over and over before it reaches max height but it just doesn’t look that good. Thanks for helping though!

No worries, hope you find the Solution. This is an interesting thing to look up to, tbh

Though, if you want to bypass the limit when you reached 100k height, try to make your rocket slower and see if it bypasses that