How to disable roblox ingame menu?

I wanne make my own roblox menu coz the other is trash if u don’t know here
its still possible some games has it even if I press esc its custom one and the other is maybe gone

here is this game

it really does the thing pls tell me guys???!?!

You can by renaming the PlayerGui to something else in the ReplicatedFirst.

I do not recommend this as it will break the Roblox GUI completely and probably is against the Terms Of Service of Roblox.


I can help by looking at the game’s DataModel, if you’d be able to provide the game link. I’m sure it has to do with what @Arylist said. But I think that bug was fixed…?

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didnt work game.Players.LocalPlayer.PlayerGui.Name = “u wanne” local

Windows XP Gui Test - Roblox this is

Did you put the script in ReplicatedFirst?

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I did and still the ui didn’t hide

Ok, I have just tried myself and found out how to make it work.

Make a LocalSript in ReplicatedStorage:

game.Players.LocalPlayer:WaitForChild("PlayerGui").Name = "delinquenst gui"


Hope it helps!

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In the game it appeared to be a CMD Prompt Frame. I don’t know if it counts the actual errors but yes, it does use a renamed PlayerGui.

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Also, use a Server Script connected to a PlayerAdded event that renames the PlayerGui instead of a LocalScript.

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didnt work only broke chat why??

Because when you rename the GUI, it removes every single GUI by Roblox. Either you remake the chat yourself, or don’t remove the GUI.

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no i wanne remove the whole roblox ingame GUI not the chat /:

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local function onPlayerEntered(newPlayer)

	game.Players.LocalPlayer:WaitForChild("PlayerGui").Name = "delinquenst gui"

I told you to use a Server Script. Insert a normal Script into ServerScriptService then type this code:

game:GetService("Players").PlayerAdded:Connect(function (player)
    player.PlayerGui.Name = "PlayerGui "
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I’m sorry it’s not possible. And I don’t recommend removing the GUI either because players will not be able to use graphics settings, report players OR EVEL LEAVE THE GAME!

You might get banned using this method, so please don’t try it.

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i already did server script not dumb bro

still not working i tried but noop nothing

You can leave the game easily depending on the platform. On PC just Alt F4 or click the X button. On mobile just re enter the app. You can trick Roblox by using one of GuiService’s event to detect when the menu should’ve been opened.

Players.LocalPlayer is nil in a ServerScript. Let me look at the bug report and check if it’s fixed.