How to disable "Shift+F5" in Studio

Theres this Shift+F5 bar that you can see your FPS, and it shows it for me in Studio, it doesnt look like the one in Roblox though. And, I want to hide the overlay, but pressing Shift+F5 does nothing. I’ve tried multiple ways, but it doesnt work.


you cant. its built in. Its impossible to get rid of it.

Press Ctrl+Shift+F5 for Windows or Command+Shift+F5 for Mac.


I think he meant how to make the shift f5 thing goes invisible for him. Not removing it from game engine

Ik but its not possible. Its a member of CoreGuis And you cant disable core guis now can you? I am leaving that up to you.

OP isn’t asking to remove it from their game completely, they’re trying to get it off their screen.

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oh say that then.


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So, you enabled the GUI that shows information regarding your FPS and such, and you’re unable to turn it off?

Perhaps this could be considered a bug? I don’t know how other people would be able to reproduce it, though.

Go to view in the ribbon bar (top thing), go to Stats, disable Physics (should be highlighted in dark).

Surprised barley anyone knows about this. Probably one of my most used things on Studio.

Its actually part of the roblox engine itself. Even if you disable everything in CoreGUI in studio, its still there.


Press view, and go to where stats is and unclick what is clicked