How to disable studio kicking you out of playtest when an error pops up

Whenever there is an error in my code, it always kicks me out of playtest and pulls up the code thats erroring. Its really annoying that it does this, and its only started happening recently. I get what the point of it is but its pretty hard to test WHY its erroring when every second youre kicked out of playtest mode. I cant find the option in settings and i dont need it kicking me out every time when i can easily click the error and go to the script like i have been doing for the past 2 years. Does anyone know how I can disable this, thanks

I have never had this happen. Can you include a video of the problem?

Thats surprising, i thought it was auto enabled for everyone. heres the video of it occurring

I’ve never seen this before. When did this start happening?

idk like a month ago probably i wasnt keeping track, but its recent

Do you have any breakpoints in your script? That could be the problem.

no its only with errors, you can see in the video in the free model script that i had as an example there was no break points

You might want to report this to Roblox staff. See if they know anything about this.

theres no point its a new setting thats somwhere in the settings but i dont know where i could find it at

Dam i thought so too, maybe its related to certain beta features being enabled?

I found out the problem, there is a breakpoint hidden in the script somewhere. I just tested it for myself. When I put a breakpoint in the middle of a script, the game test was automatically stopped for debugging.

Probably, let me check in the beta features and see what I can find, i think i had them all active so that might be it xD

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Yeh thats what it was lmao. It was the new intuitive debugger, didnt know i had that enabled, but whenever that becomes an actual feature and not in beta i hope there will be a toggle because if not im going to be using an older version of studio. That is a really annoying feature for me and it makes testing my scripts hard

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Nah that wasnt the issue it was a beta feature. I appreciate your help though <3

Yea i hope so too, dont really like it that much

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