How to disable ui selection box?

I have seen other plugins like Archimedes and other do this but how would I disable the white box when dragging the ui?

If this is a plugin, you could use plugin:Activate() to disable it, and plugin:Deactivate() (Binded with a Unloading Event) to re-enable it.

More about it here, I personally have never made a plugin, so no idea if it works, but It’s worth a try!

When I do this it gives me a error.


If you are playing it on Roblox studio then you are going to get that white box. Try playing on the actual Roblox game and see if it works.

Make sure plugin is an actual variable.

Yeah but what would the variable equal to? Would it be the toolbar or the button or what? Sorry but it does not really state that in the wiki.

local activate = plugin:Activate(true)

This is a plugin, not normal UI! :smiley:

Oh my bad, in that case, the plugins have to be active.

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