How to do a physics drag on a piece of chain

I have a really long chain that looks like this:

I’m trying to drape it over some other models and then anchor its parts. Is there a way to grab a link in the chain and move it around while physics is running?

I’ve tried the “physics” dragger, but I don’t think it’s intended to work on loose assemblies like this.


Put an attachment in one of the parts of the chain, and an attachment in Terrain or in some part. Then create an AlignPosition instance and set the two Attachment properties of it to your two attachments. Set the RigidityEnabled property to true and then move around the attachment that’s in Terrain. Your chain will nicely follow around your attachment.



Best way to do that is by positioning the chain pieces by hand and try to make it look as natural as possible, that’s how I would do it.

If you really really need it to be physics based then what you are asking is possible, but I don’t recommend it.

Make sure all of the chain is unanchored and run the game here

Set move increment size to 0 here

And then select one or more links of the chain and very slowly use the move tool to move them. The other links should physically interact with the links you are moving, though its not consistent, just play around with it and it’ll work eventually.

Oh and also make sure each link has all of its parts welded together so the link stays and moves as a single piece.

(video file too large, uploaded to medal)

Also if the move tool is not near the chain link if you grouped each link separately, you can press tab to summon the handles to your cursors position. I found this to be really helpful.

After you are done positioning your chain, select all the links, press Ctrl C, stop the playtest, and paste the chain back into workspace with Ctrl V, move where it needs to be and anchor all of the parts. Can remove all the welds inside also.

I hope this helped. Good luck.