How to Do Lightning like In Unity

Is there any form to replicate Unity engine Light?, Instead of roblox flat one


What do you mean Unity engine light? And Roblox flat lighting? Can you give image comparisons of similar scenes/areas with the different lighting?

I think he means this when he says unity lighting

Unity lighting is Circular, roblox lightning is not


Just like that

Meanwhile roblox light is on the floor?

And it transfers the light on the walls

Try Future lighting instead of what you are using (looks like voxel). You have to be on high graphics settings to get the lighting to look better, as you may be playing on lower settings.

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I am searching for a method That can supports in a low-end PC like mine

Well there isn’t much for that, because high quality lighting is one of the first things to go when the graphics go down.

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I saw something like this before that even supported on my poor pc and looked very good, here’s the link of the game, you need to press F for Flashlight