How to do music?

It is still against the law…

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In terms of 8 or 16 bit type music, I like to use a free program called BoscaCeoil Although, this really doesn’t help with other type of music than that, and you’ll have to have a program to transfer a .wav file to a .ogg or .mp3

This is quite off-topic so we should end the discussion but “illegally downloding” is something almost everybody doesn’t care about.

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Doesn’t FL Studio let you use it as long as you want freely with the requirement that you cannot save/load your progress so practically you must be on the window until you finish creating your piece?

I am not really sure never used it, but the fact that you can’t save/load if you’re not registered sounds a bit lame, I think they just have a free trial period.

It says on the website you can’t load saved projects nor use functionalities related to saving projects but exporting to wav & mp3 is allowed for the free trial, it also states unlimited time for the free trial.

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