How to do music?

I was wondering how to make a music or compose music
This is my questions:

  1. What programs you using or what is best program ?
  2. Where I can find some tutorials ?
    Thank for any help!

uh, do you have a budget? (30 characters)


I’m not a music composer, but I suggest looking up FL Studio or Ableton, sadly these cost money, and from what I’ve seen almost all music softwars cost money. See if you can download a free one, or try to find a crack. As for tutorials, just search online, there are a lot.


if you’re finding a free one and you’re using iOS or MacOS, use GarageBand.

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This might be useful

Hey ! I think I can help you !
if you want to make a few sound tracks then you need add sound in workspace and disable it , then make a script like this


while true do
game.workspace.Music1:Play() --put here your sound name
wait(length of your track)

Yes these programs along with others like Cubase or Logic Pro are industry standard. And don’t crack. Seriously.


Check out my tutorial which is an intro to music software .

I go and explain software, and how plug-ins work.

For tutorials, get comfortable with music theory. Learn all your major scales, your major chords, how to turn a major chord into a minor, your notes, rhythm, and inversions.

Also check out my intro to arrangement article as I explain how most songs are arranged.

How I learned to produce was trial and error, and getting feedback from peers. Send me anything and I’ll give feedback.


id recommend FL studio for its diversity.

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Sorry if I am late to this, but I think the better choice would be lmms for a beginner composer. Once you get the hang of composing, you could consider changing to FL studio or ableton. (In my personal opinion, FL Studio is much better then ableton)


From what I know, Soundtrap might be your best bet. It’s free and easy to use. I don’t know much about composing music, but I used it to make a podcast. It has plenty of tools at your disposal, and I think you’ll really like it. Good luck!

Or you can use LMMS, its good too

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A free one is Cakewalk by bandlab.

I use Logic Pro x as I am on mac. I recommend Logic Pro X if on mac or Ableton or even Protools.

I wouldn’t recommend FL studio much. It is easy, but eh not the best.

Reaper has a good free trial.

Plugins wise:


Edit: suggestion addition

Keep in mind you don’t need to have a big old studio. An amazing track doesn’t always come from a big studio. Ideas are not limited by budget. Ideas come from your head. Not your equipment. I made that mistake when starting out.

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Bandlab! It is free, and it is online, no downloads needed!!! It is kinda like Instagram but with music.

Please don’t crack. It takes away the money from the hard - working creators of the app. Instead, I’d recommend using Soundtrap’s free version.

True, but some of the more expensive libraries have the more natural sound to them that we are after in our music. When it comes down music plugins it is very annoying that a lot of them are super expensive. However, I do normally use a lot of the factory logic pro plugins as they are pretty high quality.

I like to use but I mean it’s made for chiptune stuff only but its free, easy to use, and no login!

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I know that it’s bad and all, but softwares made by big companies like Adobe and Image-Line aren’t going to die because of a single person doing so. If I wanted to quickly use a software for something or just a tiny experience, I would do so, if I had a regular use for that software I would buy it as a way of appreciation.