How To Do Realistic Textures In Blender

Hey all, today ill be showing you how to do realistic textures in blender.
So first of you want to find some realistic textures, I get mine from but you can get them mostly anywhere. So once you download a texture follow these steps!

Before we start, in every picture I have a red square marking the area where the main things will be happening.

  • Step One

Import A Plane

  • Step Two

Now create a new material

  • Step Three

Press that little circle beside the colour and press Image Texture

  • Step Four

This is what it should look like.

  • Step Five

Change to the Shading menu at the top

  • Step Six

Press open and choose your base colour texture

  • Step Seven

Now choose your Normal Texture and drag it in

  • Step Eight

Now drag the “Colour” from Normal into the Normal at the bottom

  • Step Nine

Now press Shift A and add a Normal Map

  • Step Ten

Drag it in between the Color and the Normal

  • Step Eleven

Now drag in the Roughness from the top left

  • Step Twelve

Now drag the Roughness texture into the roughness box

  • Step Thirteen

Now add a displace modifier to your plane

  • Step Fourteen

Now press New

  • Step Fifteen

Now press the texture icon and press open, then open the Displacement texture from your files

  • Step Sixteen

Now go into edit mode, press W and subdivide, id recommend set it to 50

Itll look like this, but then set the strength to .1

  • Step Eighteen

Boom! Now you can smooth it and export!

Happy Blending :smiley:
Ask me any questions, hopefully I can answer!


Thanks for the tutorial! I will make sure to bookmark this encase I need to do any modeling.


I Have An Even Quicker Way Of Importing Textures.

Heres The Video If You Want More Context But Video

  1. Open Shader Editor Of The Object You Want The Texture To Be In
  2. Click on The Principled BSDF And Press Ctrl + Shift + T
  3. Find Your Texture
  4. Press A To Select All The Files
  5. And Press The Principled BSDF Button And Your Done!

Interesting. I have Blender and now I’m going to use your method. Thanks!

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Thanks for the awesome tutorial! I never knew how to make texture, but now I know how to do it because your method help a lot! :grinning:


My one ended up like this lol not sure what I did wrong. Would appreciate some help.

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press W then press Shade Smooth, your wont turn out as bumpy as its just a bit of wood lol


Alright thanks! So the texture will not be like how it’s shown on blender??


see my texture was a brick so its gonna be more 3d but since wooden floors arent too 3d your will turn out a bit less but it will work! if you think its too flat you can turn the strength up

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