How to do sound effect like this?!

I’ve never used or worked with sound effects before beyond Sound:Play()

I looked at the default Jeep model, and figured out that to achieve the way the engine changes sound depending on speed is by having an engine loop sound effect and changing the pitch depending on the speed.

I want to have a subtle wind sound effect as well that sounds like it’s getting stronger the faster the car goes and stops when the car stops.

like in this video when the map moves there’s a slight wind sound effect and when you stop moving the map the sound gradually stops.

So a few questions:

  • where do I get a good wind sound effect?
  • does it have to be a looping sound?
  • how do I make it work?

P.s. Please only give full responses that I can understand not just a few words, thanks.

Hi, there is a Playbackspeed option in object “Sound”. Then It must be looped. The wind sound you can see in toolbox. Category of music. How’s your car working? Can you put screenshot?

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I want it to sound like more wind when the car is moving fast and less wind when it’s moving slow and no wind when it’s stopped. Do I change the pitch of the wind sound effect like the default Jeep does with the engine sound?

I found this wind loop, idk if it’s good and idk how to use it to achieve what I am trying to do.

Scripting wise you’ll want to adjust the playback speed based on the speed of the vehicle.


local speedPer = myVehicle.Velocity.Magnitude/maxSpeed -- Per of total speed
sound.PlaybackSpeed = maxSoundSpeed * speedPer