How to do this?

Using the Fastcast module, how would I make a bullet travel without falling to the ground, and just make it travel straight until it hits the wall or another tall object?


Aren’t there instructions in the description, or in the script that tell you how to do that? Many tools like this have a Read Me script which is inactive but has all the instructions.

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Read FastCast documentation.

I have.

The only thing I can find that might possibly be helpful is the CastBehavior.Acceleration property but I am unsure of how I would use that property to make the bullet travel only forwards without dropping.

Yes I have read the FastCast API doc but couldn’t find which method or property to use for this situation.

What’s the default Acceleration set at?
Maybe if the Y value is anything other than 0 try making it 0.

I thought I’d also mention that the Acceleration returns a Vector3 so I can make the bullet get pulled to the ground by saying

CastBehavior.Acceleration =, -workspace.Gravity, 0)

I tried doing CastBehavior.Acceleration =, 0, 0) but it didn’t work. Not to sure what to do.

I might try messaging the guy that made the Fastcast post and see if he can come up with a method unless something happens in the meantime.