How to do Zoom out/in script

Hello there, I’m Pixeluted I interested How to do Zoom in/out
I don’t find any tutorial on Youtube
Thank for any tip/tutorial
With greeting Pixeluted

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prees ctrl +/- on windows or ctrl and scroll


I think script tutorial script can do Player camera zoom in/out
No controls

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i thank you was saying in script zooming lol


It’s very simple to zoom in and out. The camera has an option called FieldOfView. You can simply do:

workspace.Camera.FieldOfView = 25 -- Zoomed in 
workspace.Camera.FieldOfView = 100 -- Zoomed out 

Not sure, what you mean but if you mean disabling roblox’s default zooming/zooming out process and creating your own then this is not the place for somebody to code it for you but rather for you to learn the Camera objects various properties off the hub or something to try to code it yourself.

Thank you it’s work I now doing it With Tween Service