How to download roblox materials (Use2022Materials)

Hello devforum, recently I’ve come across the option “Use2022Materials” in MaterialService. Overall, I like them, however, is there any way to download the old materials so I can use them in the “material overrides” section without unticking Use2022Materials

I want to download the “old” materials used in roblox so I can set them as overrides here:


No, I do not want to revert the property “Use2022Materials”, thank you

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Cant you just look at other topics? Ive seen many
Also, there could be some in the toolbox, not sure tho

Thats Pretty much all you can do at the moment, unless you want to go into the files of Studio, take of the Material Images, then Turn them into Images.

Their images can be found on the Material documentation here. It’s all near the bottom.

I also made a model for what you’re trying to achieve, free of charge!


thanks, that helped!


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as I have seen 99% of other topics about new materials are just people who don’t know how to toggle the new/old materials

can you reupload the model?