How to edit a game's place?

The Develop page has just updated for me and it’s very strewed.
Prior to this, you’d just select ‘Places’ and then they pop up, allowing you to click ‘Edit’ and eh… edit them in Roblox Studio *

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With this new Creator Dashboard thing the places aren’t visible, only the ‘Creations’ or main game places.
Do I seriously have to hover on the main place, click ‘Edit in Studio’, open the Asset Manager, click to go under places and then select the ‘sub place’ to open it, resulting in a second studio tab where I then have to close the main place’s one since I don’t want to edit that?!

Any better and less unnecessarily convoluted way to edit a ‘sub’ place?

Hm. I found something. You click the Game’s Icon and then go to Places after which you edit in Studio…

I see…


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