How to edit an old animation?

I’m working on a custom swimming system for my game, and I want to edit the default swimming animation so it fits better with my system…
I know you can use the Animation Editor to create new animations, but in my case I need to edit an old animation, how could I do that? :thinking:

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This topic would probably be better suited for the game design category.

Well, you can grab the asset from the internet through:

If you then set the file type of what it gives you to .rbxmx and put that into your studio it gives you the frames used for the animation (which you can place in animsaves for a dummy). Just be aware it will give you a really weird name (as I assume its the memory name) for the file but thats fine.

If you are the owner / its from a group you develop for then obviously you can just import it in. I don’t believe the ID box in the studio import works for assets you don’t own however.