How to edit numbersequence via script

I need to get a specific numbersequence from a particleemitter and change it’s value, but I got no idea how to achieve this.
The documentation was a bit confusing for me so I was wondering if anyone could show how it’s done.

I’ve tried something like this but I am very confused on how it works.

Emitter.Size.Keypoints[2] =,0,0)
Emitter.Size = -- This is for a single size, maybe not what you want.

Emitter.Size =, 0) -- This uses a start and end value.

Emitter.Size ={, 5),, 5),, 0.5)
}) -- This uses a list of NumberSequenceKeypoints where each keypoint uses a time and value number.
-- NumberSequenceKeypoint has a third, optional argument for envelope as well.

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