How to Edit Ribbon tool Keybinds

I’m not sure if this is widely known but i suppose this will help new builders out.

Whats a ribbon tool?

A Ribbon tool is the Select, Move, Scale and Rotate tools.

Like i said i’m not sure if everyone knows about this but this is my experience.
For ages i would have to manually click each tool for when i needed it.
I didn’t even realise there was a Keybind for each tool that you can Customize to your liking.

In order to do this go to File - Advanced - Customize Shortcuts
Unfortunately i cannot provide an image.

From there you can Search Move, Scale, Rotate, etc.

Image of Shortcut menu

I have mine set to 1, 2 and 3 for easy use.

If you have other Shortcuts set to it aswell-
You can Double click the Shortcut. Rick click and Select Clear Shortcut

Image of Clear Shortcuts

There you go. You can now freely select the Ribbon tools with ease.
Hopefully this helped some Builders out.


Dude, this is such an obvious tutorial.

For someone who has been using Studio intermittently for nearly 8+ years now… this was a surprise and feature I did not know about :grin:

This is definitely obvious, but hey, it helped me out so awesome stuff!

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I’m aware this is obvious.

But for me i had no clue about the feature within studio.
And i thought it would be helpful if there was a obvious tutorial for it. Giving the feature more awareness among beginners and others who didn’t know.

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Absolutely, like I said, I’ve been using Studio for a while now and it helped me and I’m definitely confident that it will help others (beginners and more advanced developers alike)