How To Edit Tool Grip

I hate to admit the fact that I have been browsing free sword models for my game. I found this sword called the “Eye Of Hell” and I thought it was a pretty good sword, so I inserted it to my game then i duplicated the roblox Classic sword’s property (such as the scripts and the sounds) to the new sword model but for some reason the grip is not normal, but turned 90 degrees and floating in the air. I have also tried using the grip tool plugin and it does not seem to affect the sword model what so ever. Is there a way to fix this problem?


You can use this plugin to change the way you hold tools. It works great.

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what I do is I click play and then position it how I want it manually, and when it’s positioned how I want it I copy it and then paste it into workspace after I click stop

You could use the Search tool up top since this has been solved so many times in other posts.

Try this on the site:

or the new site has:

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