How to effectively code a magic spell?

Hello! I am trying to code a magic spell but i am not quite sure what the most affective way to make it is, first of all, i am going for something like this:

( I just searched “Roblox Magic” on gifs by the way)

And this is what i have made so far:
(It’s just a base for the rest of the stuff really, just so i already have something to start from)

So yeah essentially what i want to do is a magic projectile like that, so if anyone could teach me or link useful sources it’d be of great help, thanks!

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Didn’t want to go on studio to code a projectile script, but AlvinBlox has a video on that FIREBALL MAGIC - Scripting Tutorial (Roblox) - YouTube

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Spawn in a part that has some kind of velocity force pushing it towards the mouse’s direction.

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That was my initial idea, and i might keep it if there’s no better method.