How to enable CastShow on every object

Hello, I was wondering how would it be possible to enable cast shadow for every object? I already have all my parts grouped and it would be a pain to go to select every object and turn cast shadow on.


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If you have the parts in a group, just ungroup them (all parts in the group will still be selected individually), and enable cast shadow. Then, just regroup.


It would be good if there is a plugin to enable CastShadow on every object to save the time to group and re-group everything.

Another alternative to @KeysOfFate’s solution (which does work) is to select the top brick in the group, press and hold shift, and then select the bottom brick of the group. Shift makes it so everything in-between the first and last selection gets highlighted. This method doesn’t require un-grouping.

You could also just union everything in the group, and turn CastShadow on for that union.

Hope this helped.


Haha yes, if you want to make everything in your game have CastShadow then Ctrl A is for you. Not sure if you want only one group to have CastShadow, but up to you-


Actually, now that you mention it, this can do what you want: PartPicker - Roblox

Select a part, go to Properties to Filter, and only have the ClassName selected. Then, run the selection, and it will select every single part in the game.

Not sure if it will select meshes because I think they count as a different ClassName. But, its easy enough to just select a mesh and do the exact same thing.


CTRL + A > Properties > CastShadow :white_check_mark:


I forgot about that super easy to accidentally press hotkey combo that freezes studio for me. I don’t like this method because its too easy to accidentally press when you don’t want to use it. I had unbound that hotkey.

( not to mention the part picker allows you to change your mind after highlighting but not selecting all parts. )

This works super well, taking in count I have invested into a strong computer.


I tried this and it worked thanks!