How to enable NEW bubble chat, change color & font for each player

The post has been updated and added the latest additions of bubble chat to the tutorial. Also added per-player customization and some scripts. Enjoy!

If you are looking to add bubble chat with transparent background, check out this reply.


Is there a way to have it use a Team or GroupId?
(or maybe a table which inserts a UserId on event and when the UserId is removed from the table, their their chat goes back to normal)

Could you please tell me how I would do it to all players with a certain group rank? (Not locally)

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Is the ‘Gamepass Owners Settings’ supposed to be localscript or script?

Whenever I make it a localscript i get this error:

MarketPlace:UserOwnsGamePassAsync() can only query local player	

Script 'Players.<Player>.PlayerScripts.LocalScript', Line 32 - function UpdatePlayerBubbleChats
Script 'Players.<Player>.PlayerScripts.LocalScript', Line 46
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Where is this supposed to go? Is it a LocalScript or ServerScript? I don’t think this works anymore.

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