How to Enable Shift lock while Clicking With Different Buttons

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First, Go into game in studio go into your player then go into Player Scripts You will find Player Module You will need to Copy That.
End that test session and paste it into this directory
Paste it there Go into CameraModule and Find the First child of that called “MouseLockController”
Go into the script down to line 28 where you set the keys on what you wan to bind it to.
It should say

	self.boundKeys = {Enum.KeyCode.LeftShift, Enum.KeyCode.RightShift} -- defaults

When you want to add more add a comma and then add you key Bind I did Left trigger on Xbox Controller

	self.boundKeys = {Enum.KeyCode.LeftShift, Enum.KeyCode.RightShift,Enum.KeyCode.ButtonL2} -- defaults

Next, you Need to go down to line 41 and add that other keybind to the list.
It Should Say

boundKeysObj.Value = "LeftShift,RightShift"

Then you add a comma and add what button you want In this case again the Left trigger on an Xbox Controller.

boundKeysObj.Value = "LeftShift,RightShift,ButtonL2"

Finally There is a String value Called “BoundKeys” under the Script It should say this by default.
Again you need to add a comma after the Defaults and type the key. Again using Xbox Controller Left trigger.
And we are Done.
Mobile Version Kit I will show how to make it by yourself Bust just later because It took me like 5+ hours to make this simple kit.
Don’t worry it will only take you like 5 mins to do.

If you want to learn How to add Touch Screen/Mobile Device Screen Shift Lock Button How to Make
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