How To Environment Without Causing Immense Lag


I really want to make a game where grass is spammed… Iv tried mesh grass but to no avail.
However how do i keep in mind the frames…


There are a few ways of doing this. One way you can do this is by using particles(similar to the wheat field in the village template). Another way is by using decals(you would have to make sure the texture is seen on all sides by duplicating the part and rotating it). The final way is by using meshparts like you tried to. When creating your own meshparts, always consider the amount of tris on the model. The lower the tris, the faster it’ll run.
One other tip is that grass is patchy. If you look at a field, the amount of grass in any given square foot of the field is different.


Use a mix of mesh, decal, particle, and part grass


I think a good substitute for Particle Emitters could probably be Beams. Particle Emitters will look a bit odd if looked at from the top, as the particles will “lift off” from the ground, always facing your camera. With Beams, you would be able to lock the grass so it stands upright (while still having it face the camera). I could look a bit thin from the top, but I think it would feel much better than Particle Emitters.


Vegetation in roblox is one of the most difficult subjects, and to be honest one of those lack features that we need as soon as possible!

It depends on what your working, if your doing a showcase the amount of detail is what matters, but if your idea is to do an open field, sandbox kind of Environment then you will probably need to use Meshparts, dont make each piece of grass with polygons, instead use those polygons to create a meshparts that consists of planes, each plane will have an UV map with a grass texture like this:


If done correctly you can spam as much grass as you want through a field, but even so you will hit a limit on Perfomance which is the reason we need some kind of studio-built in feature grass that has LOD and disappears when you far from it and appears when you are close to it, is one of the oldest techniques in game development.


I definitely recommend particles. Done right, they can look amazing! Just get a grass image, make it very slowly fade in and out of transparency. If you want, you can also make the particles slowly rotate to create the illusion of a breeze / wind.

Here’s an example of particle grass in one of my creations:


You might need less detail. Sometimes unions being created can make less detail for all the parts made.


If making grass meshes, use decimate modifier and try to make them as low tri as possible.

But yeah, I’d suggest the grass method with the decals and parts. Those work decently, when you’re aiming for a realistic look.