How to export a PBR mesh from blender to Roblox Studio?

Hello, i was wondering if you guys had any tips for complete noobs for on blender on how to export a mesh and also export the Color map, Metalness map, Normal Map And Roughness map to make a realitic PBR mesh in roblox studio?

(This is my first time attempting to make a PBR mesh, so i need some help)

Just open asset importer tab and import the mesh and then the textures. There is no other easy way


how would i do that in blender?

What type of mesh file u using

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If it is fbx or obj then u can export as obj file. And get the textures.

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If it is glb file then go to shading tab and go image section and choose image using image logo. Click image button and save it as png.

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I don’t really know much about exporting PBR from blender but I’m assuming you can just save each texture maps one by one as PNG from Blender and insert it to your mesh’s surface appearance in Roblox studio. I’m still not sure if this would work since I export my PBR textures mainly from Substance Painter to Blender/Studio

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