How to export models/building

Hi y’all, I’m new to using roblox studio, but I have years of experience 3D modeling and rendering. Im wondering how to export a model/building into a readable file for a modeling program. In my case its Fusion 360, but it would be helpful to know in general. Thanks!

You can export objects from Studio by selecting all the objects you want to export, in the Explorer window, right click on one of the objects, and select “Export Selection.”

Note, if you haven’t ever imported an object from Studio before, there are a lot of redundancies and my first step after importing is always to clean them up (in Blender I use Merge By Distance, I don’t know what Fusion 360 has but I’m sure there’s a tool similar to it).


Worked perfectly! Just had to touch up a few things but thats no issue. Thanks!