How to export textures from ArmorPaint to Roblox Studio

Hello Developers! Recently I installed ArmorPaint software for 3D texturing meshes that I have made on Blender, and to also access more PBR textures instead of using Blender for texture painting. This is all well and good, but I have stumbled across an issue, how to export textures from this software into Roblox Studio. I have noticed that ArmorPaint does have presets which export the base, normal, occulusion, roughness and metallic texture maps. I’ve tried using these texture maps by placing the mesh into Blender, and using the node feature to insert the individual texture maps (as image textures), followed by baking them into a single UV map to export to Roblox studio, however the texture either doesn’t turn out right, or the UV map doesn’t work with the mesh and just displays a single colour in Roblox Studio. Any solutions to how I would go about exporting the texture successfully.

Screenshots of the issue:
The textured model in ArmorPaint:

Imported the textures into Blender using the nodes in order to create a single UV map:

Thanks, Fudge :slight_smile: