How to extract tiling materials from the Substance Painter library!

This tutorial will show you how to extract materials from Substance Painter and the Substance Painter library

These materials can be directly used in Roblox with the PBR MaterialOverride and SurfaceAppearance features.

Recently Roblox posted this:

This is great, a good start! Unfortunately this requires you to design your own materials in Substance Designer, which is a lot of work when there is already a huge library of thousands of materials available if you have a Substance Painter license…

You will need:

  • Substance Painter License
  • Correct Licensing for any materials you use
  • Some familiarity with the Roblox material system
  • Some patience

Part 1: Create a Tiling Mesh Quad in Substance Painter

Fire up Substance Painter

Create a New Project:

Use this as your “File”
tileQuad.FBX (19.7 KB)

You should end up with something that looks like this:

Step 2 - Pick a material (any material in the vast vast substance painter library…) and then drag it onto the mesh like so:

Should look like:

Materials typically come with some options, which you can adjust here:

Note: sometimes NRM gets disabled, you probably want to turn that back on.

That’s it, you’re ready to export!

Part 3 - Exporting your maps

This part of the tutorial is just recycled from the other Substance Painter tutorials here on the devforum, so I’ll link those instead:

Make sure to name your material here - it gets applied to the map names:


Use the “File->Export Textures” menu to configure a template for roblox that looks like this:

Then you can export it and use the maps, which should be pretty straightforward if you’ve used the SurfaceAppearance or MaterialOverride systems already. If not, the other tutorials on the forum cover that better than I can.

A small tip - if a map extracts as complete white or complete black, don’t bother using it and save yourself some texture memory.


Some examples:

(don’t use these images, they’re lowres - go extract your own!!)


In your example image, what was the base material used for the cliffs? Was it rock terrain or meshparts?

The whole map was almost all rock terrain.