How to extrude multiple parts in a unique direction?

Hey i’m having an issue, i want to make make this circular platform larger but if i try to scale it, it goes out of the tower

Is there like a extrude function or some plugin that can help me?

(so i don’t need to scale them 1 by 1)

Try running something like the following in the command bar:
for i, part in ipairs(partsFolder:GetChildren()) do part.Size +=, size, 0) end
That’s assuming you’re scaling it on the Y axis, adjust it as needed.

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Ok i tried that but unfortunately doesn’t work

I wasn’t clear, sorry. Did you replace the, size, 0) with your own size?
E.g. to extrude it 10 studs on the Y axis, replace it with, 10, 0)


Wait that actually worked, thanks!

You can use SBS (studio build suite) which has a Resize (which extrudes) and Scale feature (just like normal roblox with multiple parts)

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WOW this plugin is very useful, thanks!

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