How to figure out a way to achieve a "puddle" effect?

How do I make a realistic puddle in Roblox? I have tried to figure out this by using a method of using a mesh, and making it reflectant and transparent, but it looks awful, and does not capture the dirtyness, or grittyness of puddles in the street. I am wondering if there is a way to achieve this, a nice realistic looking puddle.

Example of what i’m trying to achieve.

What I have done so far.

Please help!


Make it slightly reflective. Puddles reflect the sky when you look at them from an angle.

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Make it reflective and have a watery texture.

You can make something with placing a particle where the player steps or jumps.
Look, I am not an expert at scripting, but I guess this might somewhat help.

Add a reflection to it and make sure the sun is facing it then just add a good water texture

There is not really a good way to do this right now, but when custom PBR materials are released it should be a fairly trivial effect to achieve.