How to fill All Grass Terrain with a Mesh via Script. [Making custom grass]

Hello, so i made a optimisation script so the Grass renderdistance is deppending on players settings, but now i like to place the Grass Mesh everywhere on the Map where the Grass Terrain is so i dont have to do this manual…

How to make this… i have no clue and where to start at.

Thanks for any help.

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Would you please share the script as I believe it will help us help you.

i have no script for it yet, … i have no clue how to palce a mesh everywhere on the map where grass is because i never really worked with Voxels, Terrain scripting, so i asked for help so i may can get tips, infos where to start and with what.

Please have a lok at this:

This covers placing objects (trees in this case) onto the terrain so it might help.