How to find a ROBLOX Song's title from its ID?


I have a song ID (12345), how can I know its name on the library?

Thanks in advance!


You should be able to just plug in the id to GetProductInfo of MarketplaceService which will return a table including its name, description, etc.


Had already found that somewhere, and it outputs “400 Bad Request”. Do I need HTTPservice for this?

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Could you provide what code you used? You don’t need HttpService.

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local myId = 2811727214
local song = game:GetService("MarketplaceService"):GetProductInfo(myId)

(Hold on… I think I found why it does that, basically, I had someone provide a list of songs for me and after reading the docs, 400 is “asset not existing”)

Okay so apparently I didn’t define my ID correctly, will get back to you.

I am stupid! Basically, all my songs are in an array.
Instead of giving array[number] as the ID, I gave number, which was a random int between 1 and 5.

Sorry for disturbing you for that.