How to Find all scripts in game?

Since the tag update, I’ve had trouble finding all the scripts in games/models. Is there anyway I can find all the scripts in my game?

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There’s probably a smarter way of doing this, but you could do

for _,v in game:GetDescendants() do
    if v:IsA("BaseScript") then

I honestly didn’t even know you could do this, thanks! I’ll mark yours as solution

I just hope there is a more effective way of doing this like before, so you don’t have to go looking for each script by it’s name. Hopefully someone knows how to and can help. it just sucks that roblox didn’t add a built in way to find all scripts as they were before the tag update.

In the search bar of the Explorer, you can filter your search in a variety of ways, and one of the options provided are Bespoke Filters which let you search for items based on:

  • ClassName: classname:[Class]

  • Subclass: is:[SubClass]

  • CollectionService Tag: tag:[TagName]

For the use case you mentioned, using the ClassName filter would probably work best.

NOTE: The class is case-sensitive, which means that capitalization matters! It doesn’t matter for the first part of the search (classname: and is:) but you can capitalize that to ClassName and Is, and it’ll still work. There’s also an autofill for each class you can select to make sure it correctly searches for it)

  • Highlight all types of scripts: classname:Script

Alternatively, if you want to narrow it down to specific types of scripts:

  • Highlight Scripts & LocalScripts: is:BaseScript

  • Highlight ModuleScripts:
    • classname:ModuleScript
    • is:ModuleScript

  • Highlight LocalScripts:
    • classname:LocalScript
    • is:LocalScript

  • Other ways to highlight multiple types of scripts:
    • All scripts: is:BaseScript or is:ModuleScript
    • LocalScripts and ModuleScripts:
      • classname:LocalScript or classname:ModuleScript
      • is:LocalScript or is:ModuleScript

Thank you so much, this helps me a lot, and I’m sure this helps a lot of others as well.
This all makes prefect sense, and the fact I can understand it the first time around is a miracle. Thanks again! By far one of the most helpful posts. I can’t stress this enough, your way of explaining helped a lot


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