How to find good quality developers?

Hello, i have a cool game idea and would like to work on that. However i cant do everything myself. I will be the game designer, lead developer and programmer of the game. I was wondering how and where i can find good quality developers to help me with the game. I have tried many ways but most of these devs aren´t experienced and/or cant provide with high quality work. Advice would be appreicated! :slight_smile:


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You’ll be able to find generally decent developers in #collaboration:portfolios, most of them have a clear description of their talent and pricing.
Talent Hub is also a place to go, but frankly, it takes a long time to get any attention on your request, and it is filled with unprofessionalism.
Fiverr is another option, its 100% scam proof and efficient, however the pricing is higher than the average (Indie/Children Dev) Roblox expectation.

Here’s also a few tips for starting a game.

  1. Make it as small as possible, focus on the core and do not seek for big maps.
  2. Write down every single aspect of game design down, you’ll need it.
  3. Keep the budget low, even if you’re rich, because 75% you’ll either start another project or simply end up failing.

Hope this helps.

Being picky, but personally wouldn’t recommend a site that employs a signup wall before looking for pages.

I’m less likely to look for services if met with any kind of wall, even if they are easy enough to circumvent; that’s beside my own privacy concerns.

You can’t be a leader of anything without having any experience, it automaticaly make you being a « bad » leader… how do you want to lead a team if you not even know and understand what they do and how they work.

To be a good leader you must to have at least 2+ years of experience on each development side, so you perfectly know each aspects of the game, perfectly know how the work is working, how much time things take to do, what is a « good quality » work and how your devs should do their things and how they need to be organized… then you will be able to perfectly lead a team overall and help each of them when it’s needed.


Fiverr does not require a sign up before checking. I sent an invitation link that’ll give you 10% discount on first order, which does not force you to sign up either. Being picky, you should check properly before commenting.
Thanks man :smiley:

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