How to fit hats with different sized character?

I am trying to insert a hat in a character with 1.75x the size of the normal character. While scaling the hat is easy enough, the positioning is hard to manage. In items, such as dominus, which cover the whole head, I dont even have to worry with the offset and I can just insert them and change the size.

With other types of items, however, this task is proven much more difficult.

What calculations do I have to do in order to set it perfectly?


Change the mesh’s scale in the same ratio at which the character’s head has been scaled.

Accessories should automatically resize anyway.

How have they been applied?


I have a few custom accessories I’ve made and they do not auto scale. Maybe it’s because they don’t have a mesh. I’ve read about matching the ratio on a different dev forum but as for myself, I still don’t yet understand how to make the scaling work once you’ve obtained the ratio number they have in their character part. I don’t want to take too much attention from this persons topic question. But I believe it is relevant to his question. I am following this topic too

I am.

local Hat = InsertService:LoadAsset(2413962870):FindFirstChildOfClass("Accessory")
Hat.Handle.Mesh.Scale *= 1.75

With whatever property defines the size of the accessory, multiply it by the ratio.

It seems that the models I was using were missing the item attachments. After that, I can just multiply the attachment with the scale, and somewhat works.

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