How to fit ImageLabel on rounded GUI

I’m trying to make a rounded GUI with an image of a person inside of it; however, the person image doesn’t fully fit and does not fit entirely. How can I crop it so only the parts of the person in the rounded GUI are visible?

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Set the rounded GUI’s ClipDescendants property to true.


Hi there,

There are three ways of making a properly-clipping round image:

  1. Manually round it externally.
  2. If you have a static, fully-opaque background, then use “masks”.
  3. Use @boatbomber’s module that allows you to clip images with basic shapes.

If the image you’re talking about is of a Roblox avatar that you get in-game via a script, then of course #1 is out of the picking.

If you have a static and fully-opaque background, then use an inverted rounded rectangle/square. Check out my tutorial that teaches you how to do this very thing.

However, if you have a dynamic or semi-transparent background, then it’s best that you use @boatbomber’s Image Clipping Module that utilizes ViewportFrames (I’m fairly sure).

Yeah, other than that, until Roblox introduces masks, these are the options you have. I hope that helped you!