[Open Source] Image Clipping Module

One of my smaller projects, but useful enough to share.

This module is used to quickly create an image with a clipping mask.

It works using ViewportFrames, MeshParts, and Decals.

The module gives you those top images.
With a tiny tweak, I made it show what it’s doing on the bottom row. It places your image as a Decal onto a MeshPart, and puts that into a ViewportFrame. Once it’s done, nothing ever moves, so it’s roughly the same performance as ImageLabels.


local ImageMask    = require(script.ImageMask)
local ClippedImage = ImageMask.new(ImageID, Type) --Returns the ViewportFrame


local ImageMask = require(script.ImageMask)

local ImageID   = "https://www.roblox.com/headshot-thumbnail/image?userId=".. game.Players.LocalPlayer.UserId .."&width=420&height=420&format=png"

local ClippedImage = ImageMask.new(ImageID, "Circle")
    ClippedImage.Size = UDim2.new(0.3,0,0.3,0)
    ClippedImage.SizeConstraint = Enum.SizeConstraint.RelativeYY
    ClippedImage.Parent = script.Parent

Out of the box, it comes with 5 masks types:
Circle, Rhombus, RoundedSquare, Star, Triangle
To add your own mask, simply create your MeshPart (Top surface is what gets displayed, so model accordingly) and place it inside the Module. Give it a unique name, and then input that name as the Type parameter.

Super simple to use, I hope you enjoy!



Worth noting: They all use the same Camera object, and never change after creation, so performance really shouldn’t be an issue. Feel free to reply below if you find otherwise.


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Holy hecc yes this is good. Thank you so much! I’ll be using this for sure in the future :smile:


Seems cool. I’ll try this when i want to add PFPs to my game(s).

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Very nice job, never thought this was possible!

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Looks great! I will be using this for sure soon!

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