How to fix cartoony UGC item outlines in blender FOR CYCLES!

Hello, i’ve recently noticed a large amount of people in the GFX community having problems dealing with cartoony UGC outline items in blender. I have figured out a node setup that will help with the problem.

This node setup will help you fix the problem so it shows up in the render. If you do not know how to set up the node function, read down below for help.

To setup the node function, go to the shader editor. It should be located near the top

and go to the accessory that you want to fix

next, go to the shader tab and delete theses 2 nodes

Now press shift A to add theses three nodes; Geometry, Mix Shader and a Transparent BDSF

Now connect them as shown

To see it work, make sure you are on cycles and go to rendered view. It should work.

If you still have any more questions, feel free to ask me on twitter @GestRBLX or on my discord Gest#7393


This should go in #resources:community-tutorials rather than art design support, as this category is for getting help with something art related. Thanks so much for this though, as I may use it in the future!!!

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Oh, I did not know about that! Thanks for telling me! And you are welcome!

This will be useful to many graphic artist out there. Thanks for sharing the tip!


This will help a lot of beginners, good job Gest! :+1:


great job on the explanation here. This will help most beginners struggling with the new-generation avatars with the trend of cartoony items.


oh my god thank you, I was going to make a render with my outlined avatar but i could not because of that glitch. Your node setup helped me A LOT!


WOW It helped me a lot a lot too many thanks. A question? You could do the same but in Eevee version it would help me a lot

Yeah, Eevee is different than cycles. You don’t need to go through the hassle of nodes.

It’s way simpler in Eevee
Just enable backface culling

Thank you! And finally it will look good. And thanks for answering