How to fix clipping - z fighting issue

So my problem is really common and simple, basically Im having this z fighting / clipping issue, really basic:

It is caused because the parts are overlapping each other, but, is there any way of fixing this without having to move the pieces and add more for filling the empty spaces

What I mean: ( I moved the part and now its not overlapping the other one, the problem fixed in that specific place, but now I have to add a triangle or a wedge

So my question is: Is there any of merging the pieces, make them act like one, or removing that overlapping effect? so I dont have to move them and add more parts.

Any help is appreciated. (By the way I can only take gifs because this only happens when the cameras are moving, not in static)

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Just select all of the parts then union them all together.

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offset one of the part’s y position by 0.01.



This is a solution, but if I just want it to be flat by 100%?

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You won’t really see any differences, but if you do want it flat, scale the part to the area where there aren’t any clipping yet, then add wedges to fill the hole. This is way more complicated, and as TOP_Crundee123 said, Unions are the best solution to this issue.

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Actually, I made an offset of 0.000…1 and even though its way too small, it works, so as unions bugged this is definitely solving it, thanks.