How to fix corrupted unions?

I saved and exited out my file to update my plugins, but when I reloaded my local file it seems all my unions corrupted and are invisible. I don’t have any auto-save files of it weirdly as well, so I cant even revert to that. Is there any way I can retrieve my unions?

I couldnt find any solutions in any other threads, hence the creation of this post.

when I loaded the file again:


This is a persistent bug which relates to the fact that unions are stored online. If there was an issue with your internet connection while creating the union, this could have resulted in its corruption.

From personal experience, there is no visible solution to this problem. Auto saves were completely unhelpful for me as well.


It is really discouraging. Some of the models need weeks to finish. I just lost a couple of models myself. The only way is to redo them from the scratch. Where is the guarantee that they will not disappear again? Avoid using unions?